DIY // Pinboard

I know that we all love Pinterest, and if you're like me at all you probably love it a little too much... But there is still something so practical and inspiring about an actual, real pin-board. I am currently working on finishing my office and I wanted a space besides my computer screen, to find inspiration. This DIY project is super simple and really affordable.

*materials and directions below!



Pin board // $17 Hobby Lobby

Nail Heads // $2 x 2 boxes Hobby Lobby

Canvas Fabric // $7.50 Hobby Lobby

Directions: Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the board. My board is 3ft x 2ft so I had the lady at Hobby Lobby cut me enough fabric so that I had a few extra inches on all sides to wrap around. I used canvas, but you can pretty much use and kind of fabric or pattern you desire. Simple lay the board face down on top of the fabric and staple gun the fabric to the back. Make sure to pull tight while doing this. I then simply measured out the nail head spacing making pencil marks where I wanted them and then went through and lined the board (note: the nail heads were originally brass but I spray painted them gold before putting them on) To hang my husband helped screw in a picture frame mount to the back on both sides and then hung wire across for easy hanging. 


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